Having a good quality of life is important to all of us. We'd like to do more to make it better, but this can seem a challenge in our busy daily lives.

The good news is we can improve our quality of life and help prevent climate change at the same time – and it can save us money. Use one or both of the below Quality of Life calculators to see your Quality of Life score and identify areas where you might be able to improve your life while at the same time reducing your long term carbon footprint.

This gives you a self assessment of your overall quality of life by rating 20 different areas of life. It helps you see which areas of your life need attention. Then you can make choices that both increase your quality of life and reduce your carbon footprint.

This shows which parts of your day you like most and which you might want to improve.

Write what you are doing in every hour of a 'typical day' - use our examples or write over them. Then give each hour your gut feeling rating for quality of life. (Quality of life is slightly different to happiness, as happiness is a mood, but it supports more happiness.)